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LCHOA Board of Trustees

The highest responsibility of a Board Member is to Protect, Preserve and Enhance the property values within our community. The Trustees who sit on the Lake Chesterfield Homeowners Association Board of Trustees volunteer their time to meet, discuss and plan for the financial sustainability of our neighborhood. 

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Name Position Phone Suburb Country
Joe Wood Vice Chair_Board of Trustees 314-749-9691 Phase 1 Term Expires 3/2020
Chris Schepis Treasurer_Board of Trustees 314-448-6427 Phase 1 Term Expires 3/2021
Nathan Hopper Board of Trustees 636-458-1070 Phase 2 Term Expires 3/2020
Jana Flynn Board of Trustees 636-399-8864 Phase 2 Term Expires 3/2021
Patricia Ward Board of Trustees 636-458-2314 Phase 3 Term Expires 3/2021
Lisa Krumrey Board of Trustees 314-276-5666 Phase 3 Term Expires 3/2020
OPEN POSITION PHASE 4 Board of Trustees 636-458-1070 Phase 4 Term Expires 3/2020
Bob Kramer Board of Trustees 636-328-5652 Phase 4 Term Expires 3/2021
Will Munroe Board of Trustees 636-458-1070 Phase 5 Term Expires 3/2020
Crystal McCune Chair_Board of Trustees 314-757-0552 Phase 5 Term Expires 3/2021